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Editor & Writer

As an Editor, I will ensure that your documents, reports, research publications, pamphlets, menus, books, thesis and whatever is written, is correct, easy to understand, easy to read, harmonized and achieves the objectives which you set. I add value beyond only language and grammar editing. As a Writer, I will research and create original material if you need me to do that for you. Whether it’s a short article, an opinion piece, or a company report, I would be delighted to work with clients.

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Tobacco Control & Public Health

I am proud that I was responsible for the first law on the control of smoking in public places being introduced in South Africa. In 1986, while serving my third term as Mayor,  I initiated a process to ban smoking in all municipal buildings. It was a long battle and in 1989 the Resolution was adopted by the Edenvale (now Ekurhuleni) Town Council.

Smoking was prohibited in all municipal buildings, including inter alia the Rates Hall, Licencing Centre, Clinics, Library, workshops, depots and all offices.

That was almost 12 years before our national legislation came into force in 2001. I have drafted legislation, addressed parliament on promulgating Acts, lobbied ministers and politicians and trained Environmental Health Practitioners in effective implementation of the legislation.

I have presented papers at international conferences and participated in research projects. I continue with this work in promoting public health, saving lives and fighting a wealthy industry whose products kill users prematurely.

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Actor & Broadcaster

As an actor, broadcaster and voice artist I am available for assignments.

I have played many roles on stage, in films, and on television.

As a broadcaster, I presented a variety of shows, including sport, music and in-depth interviews. My main interest, focus, and skill is in sport and commentating. I have commentated on many sports and at many sporting events. I am not an expert in any sport. My skill is with words.

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Consultant & Entrepreneur

I have, over many years, worked in several areas of business, contracting, manufacturing, finance, health, sales and training. I worked with a team of professionals in our consulting practice, Interact, from 1979 to 1985.

I can help you with processes, motivation, efficiency and many aspects of  your business. As an independent, external observer, I see possibilities for improvement which you might not see because you are so actively involved and deeply immersed in your own business.

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Specialist Document Designer

When I started working in a factory and studying production engineering I needed to re-design documents for Production Instructions, Sales Orders, Quality Control, Stock Taking and Records, Attendance Records, payment advice and various documents generally required in a business.

The existing documents were badly laid out, not clear and generally poorly designed. Often fields were made the same size in order to appear uniform. This resulted in a space requiring a 20 to 30 character input being the same size as a space which requires only a 2 digit input.

Look at documents which you are often asked to complete and see how badly designed they are. Note that they are often confusing and difficult to complete. An access control book at a security entrance, an admission form in a hospital, an application for a credit card, a research questionnaire, an attendance register at a meeting, an accident report and any form which requires your input, is often poorly designed and difficult to complete. You will find spaces too small, disjointed layout, confusing questions and a lack of flow.

 A good document needs to be carefully researched and designed. A great document needs to be designed by an experienced professional. I am that man.

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